[04-03-2017 02:58 PM] claudenice: Je recherche une ou des personnes bénévoles pour vérifier les traductions sur mon site web en cours de réalisation. Les langues du site sont Anglais, espagnol, Italien, Allemand, Russe. (environ 500mots)(Pouvant déboucher sur une collaboration suivant les résultats et le développement su site) merci de me contacter, Claude [04-03-2017 02:55 PM] claudenice: g,vh [02-11-2017 07:34 PM] snoopy: I wish you all a great new week, fullfilled of satisfactions! [02-11-2017 06:28 PM] snoopy: Guys, old friends and all the new unknown who lives or just pass from here....don't forget to....SHHHOOOOOUUUUTTTTTTT!!!!!! [02-11-2017 06:24 PM] snoopy: it was a fantastic place, a meeting point of dear people. Let it ever shines. [02-11-2017 06:23 PM] snoopy: Something wonderful this place has done on me and on all my dear berberians who lived here years and years ago... [02-11-2017 06:22 PM] snoopy: I am ever away, but....I never forget this magic place. Don't let it die, bring it to life again, PLEASE!!!! [02-05-2017 06:41 AM] gakusenjb: Someone has to do some serious advertising campaign to revive this forum. :D [04-24-2016 10:28 AM] BenOW: The forum is dying slowly... Only 103 active members... I suggest creating a page Facebook help.berberber [04-05-2016 02:59 PM] rottiemac: can someone help me translate a 1minute long voice recording??? [02-04-2016 07:55 AM] alannadna: haaaaaaaaaa [01-22-2016 01:11 AM] alisa2879: hiiiiiiiiii [12-24-2015 10:21 AM] BenOW: We wish you a merry christmas, We wish you a merry christmas, We wish you a merry christmas and a Happy New Year!!! [12-24-2015 09:38 AM] myleanne7: taaa [08-30-2015 02:13 PM] Arisa: Femeia - poezie [06-19-2015 04:00 AM] Cloelia: C'est fait, Reazy. Comme BenOW je souhaite un bon ramadan à toute la communauté musulmane ici. [06-18-2015 02:17 AM] BenOW: رمضان مبارك السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته إن شاء الله Je souhaite à toute la communauté musulmane un bon ramadan. [06-16-2015 08:33 PM] Reazy: Bonjour, MERCI de bien vouloir supprimer ce post me concernant, MERCI => http://help.berberber.com/374668-1-post.html [06-13-2015 05:25 PM] nausikaa99: BRAVO Anarvorig!!!!! [06-01-2015 10:01 AM] anarvorig: ré-initialisé le forum ouf !!! [04-20-2015 03:12 PM] catachrest: Hi everyone! Shameless self-promotion: Hoping those who see this will check out my request in the "universal" forum to translate a short phrase into as many languages as possible, and provide their own language's version. [04-03-2015 05:56 PM] snoopy: I promise I will back soon to answer messages from a couple of great ladies! [04-03-2015 05:55 PM] snoopy: goooood day to all of you little Berberians! [04-03-2015 05:55 PM] snoopy: I still love to.....SHOOOOOOOOUT HEEEEEEREEEEE! [03-04-2015 12:11 PM] Seth77: ouai il est mort le forum ! [01-08-2015 03:52 PM] anarvorig: Je suis Charlie !!! [01-05-2015 02:42 PM] nausikaa99: thks, happy fifth to all of you [01-03-2015 09:22 AM] snoopy: happy third day of the new year to all! [01-02-2015 09:21 PM] nausikaa99: Thanks Sharp! Happy New year to you! [01-02-2015 05:08 PM] Sharp: Anyway!!.. happy belated happy new year!!!........ [01-02-2015 05:07 PM] Sharp: But those who use to with Discussion forum, they can't get the joy useing all those site's and am one of them!.... [01-02-2015 05:03 PM] Sharp: The day when thses Social Media sites came out, people forget to come over the forums!..... ahhh!!... [01-02-2015 04:54 PM] Sharp: Hello everyone, i m here once again..... [01-01-2015 07:18 PM] nausikaa99: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY!!!! [01-01-2015 07:17 PM] nausikaa99: @snoopy: Yes, I think we are on the same wavelength:D Btw tomorrow is Friday:D [01-01-2015 07:15 PM] nausikaa99: That's great Ben! [12-30-2014 04:29 AM] BenOW: @Nausikaa99: ahah I'm lost only somewhere in the Indian Ocean LoL ! Yeah, my account came back, it's very well! Good work Anarvorig! [12-26-2014 09:05 AM] snoopy: @nausikaa99: do you meant you are having my same days'week right now? unbelievable! [12-25-2014 06:22 PM] nausikaa99: Hello Snoop, now it's Thursday, it means that Wednesday has gone:D [12-25-2014 06:20 PM] nausikaa99: Hello Ben, good that your account came back!!!! So good to see you online. I thought you were lost somewhere in the galaxy