[02-11-2017 08:34 PM] snoopy: I wish you all a great new week, fullfilled of satisfactions! [02-11-2017 07:28 PM] snoopy: Guys, old friends and all the new unknown who lives or just pass from here....don't forget to....SHHHOOOOOUUUUTTTTTTT!!!!!! [02-11-2017 07:24 PM] snoopy: it was a fantastic place, a meeting point of dear people. Let it ever shines. [02-11-2017 07:23 PM] snoopy: Something wonderful this place has done on me and on all my dear berberians who lived here years and years ago... [02-11-2017 07:22 PM] snoopy: I am ever away, but....I never forget this magic place. Don't let it die, bring it to life again, PLEASE!!!! [02-05-2017 07:41 AM] gakusenjb: Someone has to do some serious advertising campaign to revive this forum. :D [04-24-2016 11:28 AM] BenOW: The forum is dying slowly... Only 103 active members... I suggest creating a page Facebook help.berberber [04-05-2016 03:59 PM] rottiemac: can someone help me translate a 1minute long voice recording??? [02-04-2016 08:55 AM] alannadna: haaaaaaaaaa [01-22-2016 02:11 AM] alisa2879: hiiiiiiiiii [12-24-2015 11:21 AM] BenOW: We wish you a merry christmas, We wish you a merry christmas, We wish you a merry christmas and a Happy New Year!!! [12-24-2015 10:38 AM] myleanne7: taaa [08-30-2015 03:13 PM] Arisa: Femeia - poezie [06-19-2015 05:00 AM] Cloelia: C'est fait, Reazy. Comme BenOW je souhaite un bon ramadan à toute la communauté musulmane ici. [06-18-2015 03:17 AM] BenOW: رمضان مبارك السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته إن شاء الله Je souhaite à toute la communauté musulmane un bon ramadan. [06-16-2015 09:33 PM] Reazy: Bonjour, MERCI de bien vouloir supprimer ce post me concernant, MERCI => http://help.berberber.com/374668-1-post.html [06-13-2015 06:25 PM] nausikaa99: BRAVO Anarvorig!!!!! [06-01-2015 11:01 AM] anarvorig: ré-initialisé le forum ouf !!! [04-20-2015 04:12 PM] catachrest: Hi everyone! Shameless self-promotion: Hoping those who see this will check out my request in the "universal" forum to translate a short phrase into as many languages as possible, and provide their own language's version. [04-03-2015 06:56 PM] snoopy: I promise I will back soon to answer messages from a couple of great ladies! [04-03-2015 06:55 PM] snoopy: goooood day to all of you little Berberians! [04-03-2015 06:55 PM] snoopy: I still love to.....SHOOOOOOOOUT HEEEEEEREEEEE! [03-04-2015 01:11 PM] Seth77: ouai il est mort le forum ! [01-08-2015 04:52 PM] anarvorig: Je suis Charlie !!! [01-05-2015 03:42 PM] nausikaa99: thks, happy fifth to all of you [01-03-2015 10:22 AM] snoopy: happy third day of the new year to all! [01-02-2015 10:21 PM] nausikaa99: Thanks Sharp! Happy New year to you! [01-02-2015 06:08 PM] Sharp: Anyway!!.. happy belated happy new year!!!........ [01-02-2015 06:07 PM] Sharp: But those who use to with Discussion forum, they can't get the joy useing all those site's and am one of them!.... [01-02-2015 06:03 PM] Sharp: The day when thses Social Media sites came out, people forget to come over the forums!..... ahhh!!... [01-02-2015 05:54 PM] Sharp: Hello everyone, i m here once again..... [01-01-2015 08:18 PM] nausikaa99: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY!!!! [01-01-2015 08:17 PM] nausikaa99: @snoopy: Yes, I think we are on the same wavelength:D Btw tomorrow is Friday:D [01-01-2015 08:15 PM] nausikaa99: That's great Ben! [12-30-2014 05:29 AM] BenOW: @Nausikaa99: ahah I'm lost only somewhere in the Indian Ocean LoL ! Yeah, my account came back, it's very well! Good work Anarvorig! [12-26-2014 10:05 AM] snoopy: @nausikaa99: do you meant you are having my same days'week right now? unbelievable! [12-25-2014 07:22 PM] nausikaa99: Hello Snoop, now it's Thursday, it means that Wednesday has gone:D [12-25-2014 07:20 PM] nausikaa99: Hello Ben, good that your account came back!!!! So good to see you online. I thought you were lost somewhere in the galaxy [12-23-2014 04:47 PM] snoopy: Need info: Tuesday means that Monday is gone? [12-21-2014 06:55 PM] snoopy: and this means......Monday is coming