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My home town - Makkah -
These are pictures from my home town " Makkah "
صور من ديرتي مكة
Inside the Holy Masjid ( it's not the same in the whole Masjid its different from a place to another ^
Manarat of the Holy Masjid ( taken by me ^ ^)
Out of the Holy Masjid in Makkah ( taken by me ^ ^)
The best place on the earth !!
Inside Makkah's holy Masjid
sooo beautiful scene for the holy place ^ ^
سطح الحرم المكي
مكة المكرمة Al-haram Al-makki ( the 1st holy Masjid for Muslims )
Inside الحرم المكي
Makkah's gate 2
Makkah 's gate
Makkah's gate 4
Makkah city's gate
Makkah's gate
Makkah Gate
The Holy Masjid in Makkah and the buildings next to it
The holy Masjid in Makkah " Al haram Al Makki "

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