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Originally Posted by 1234 View Post

this is to request anyone, who can correctly translate into any language in

the world this text / very big letters /:

free tibet against chinese oppression.

thank you in advance
In Icelandic.
Frelsa Tibet frá kúgunina Kínverjanna.
Literally: Liberate Tibet from the oppression of the Chinese.
Bidh a h-uile bŕta sŕbhailte 'sa phort. Ach cha bhi sinn a' dčanamh bhŕtaichean airson a' phuirt.
Every ship is safe in the harbor. But we don't make ships for the harbor.
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" Liberen a Tibet contra la opresión china"

"Liberen a Tibet de la opresión china" ( I think this is the best way to say it )

((Nosete Ipsum))

आत्मानं जानीहि


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Originally Posted by Ximing View Post
You guys do have my sympathy for promoting justice.

But, we should do more!

So let’s say:

Free England against British oppression!
Free Texas against American oppression!
Free Bavaria against German oppression!
Free Chihuahua against Mexican oppression!
Free tibet against chinese oppression.

If you find absurdity in any of the above statements, then you should know :

“free Tibet against chinese” is no less ridiculous than “free England against British oppression”
Yeah ! And so many others !

Free women against male oppression !
Free children against adult's oppression !
Free atheists against religious oppression !
Free God against atheistic oppression !
Free the feet against shoes oppression !
Free vegetables against vegan oppression !

And last but not least:

Free the world against human oppression !

(let me first free myself from my foolishness... huge work ! )
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In portuguese:

- Libertem o Tibete!
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inportuguese complete

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Universal : The international discussion forum : can anyone help me to translate "FREE TIBET..." into any language in the world???

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