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Default Which region/people/ethnic want independance


Scott have vote against their independance. But the movement is still strong.
I'am curious of which other place around the world have independant movement?
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Here is a list

Albania Albania

Northern Epirus[5][6]

Ethnic group: Greeks in Albania
Political parties: Omonoia, PDBNJ Logo.png Unity for Human Rights Party (seeks autonomous status or union with Greece)

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

Proposed state: Lezgistan[7]
De facto state: Nagorno-Karabakh Republic[8]
Government-in-exile: Azerbaijan — Azerbaijani Community of Nagorno-Karabakh[9]
Proposed autonomous area: Talysh-Mughan Autonomous Republic[10] (comprises Astara District, Lankaran District, Lankaran (city), Lerik District, Masally District and Yardymli District)

Belgium Belgium
Further information: Partition of Belgium

Brussels-Capital Region

Ethnic group: Walloon,
Political parties (seeking a union with France): Rassemblement Bruxelles-France
Ethnic group: Flemish
Political parties (seeking a union with Flanders): Libertair, Direct, Democratisch logo.PNG Libertair, Direct, Democratisch, Nva.png Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie (member of the European Free Alliance.png European Free Alliance), and Vlaams Belang member of the Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty-Group

Flemish Region or the Flemish Community (the latter includes Brussels)

Ethnic group: Flemish
Proposed state: Flanders (There is minority support to include The Netherlands; see Prinsenvlag.svg Greater Netherlands)
Political parties: Nva.png New Flemish Alliance (member of the European Free Alliance.png European Free Alliance), Flemish Interest
Movements: Vlaamse Volksbeweging (VVB), Overlegcentrum van Vlaamse Verenigingen

German-speaking Community of Belgium

Ethnic group: German
Political parties: Partei der deutschsprachigen Belgier (member of the European Free Alliance.png European Free Alliance)

Walloon Region

Ethnic group: Walloon
Proposed state: Wallonia or France
Political parties: Logo Rassemblement wallon.jpg Walloon Rally, Wallonia France Rally

Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina

Republika Srpska

Ethnic group: Serbs of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Proposed state: Republika Srpska or merging into Serbia
Political parties: Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, Serbian Democratic Party[11]

Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia

Ethnic group: Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Proposed state: Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia or Croatia
Political parties: Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian Democratic Union 1990, Croatian Christian Democratic Union

Croatia Croatia


Ethnic group: Istrian Italians
Proposed autonomous area: Istria
Political parties: Istrian Democratic Assembly, Istrian Democratic Forum


Political party: List for Fiume (EFA member)[12]
Proposed autonomous area: Free State of Fiume Fiume

Cyprus Cyprus

Breakaway state:

Northern Cyprus

Ethnic group: Turkish Cypriot
De facto state with partial de jure recognition: TRNC Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Czech Republic Czech Republic


Ethnic group: Moravian
Political parties: Moravané (EFA member)[13]

Czech Silesia

Ethnic group: Silesian
Political party: Silesian Autonomy Movement (EFA member)[14]

Denmark Denmark

For movements in Greenland, see List of active separatist movements in North America.


Ethnic group: Danish
Proposed autonomous region: Bornholm
Political party: Bornholm's Self-Government Party (Bornholms Selvstyre parti)[15][16]

Faroe Islands

Ethnic group: Faroese
Proposed state: Faroe Islands
Movement: Faroese independence movement
Political parties: Republican Party, Progress, People's Party, Centre Party, Self-Government Party

Finland Finland


Ethnic group: Ĺland Swedes
Proposed state: Ĺland
Political party: Future of Ĺland (EFA member)

France France
Some of the claimed nations and/or regions – 1. Brittany, 2. France proper (excluding Wallonia), 3. Occitania, 4. Lorraine which is sometimes part of France proper, 5. Alsace, 6. Basque Country, 7. Catalonia and 8. Corsica.

Secessionist movements

Basque Country (autonomous community) Basque Country
Further information: Basque nationalism
Political party: Abertzaleen Batasuna (AB), Batasuna, Eusko Alkartasuna (EFA member), Parti Nationaliste Basque.
Trade union: Euskal Langileen Alkartasuna, Langile Abertzaleen Batzordeak
Youth Advocacy groups: Egi, Gazte Abertzaleak, Iritzarri, Segi
Militant organisation: Iparretarrak (defunct), ETA, Irrintzi
Proposed state: Euskadi or Euskal Herria (Basque Country)[17][18][19]
Advocacy groups: Celtic League
Political party: Adsav, Breton Party, Emgann
Militant organisation: Breton Revolutionary Army (ARB), Breton Liberation Front (FLB)
Proposed state: Brittany
Catalonia Northern Catalonia
Further information: Catalan independence
Political party: Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (EFA member), Catalan Unity (EFA member), Convergčncia Democrŕtica de Catalunya
Proposed state: Paďsos Catalans
Corsica (Main article: Corsican nationalism)
Political party: Corsica Libera
Militant organisation: National Front for the Liberation of Corsica
Proposed state: Corsica
Political party: Savoyan League
Proposed state: Savoy
Proposed state: Federal Republic of Occitania
Political party: Partit de la Nacion Occitana

Gradual and eventual secession

Political party: Breton Party

Autonomist movements

Political party: Alsace d'Abord, Nationalforum Elsass-Lothringen, Unser Land
Political party: Union Démocratique Bretonne (EFA member),
Corsica (Main article: Corsican nationalism)
Political party: Partitu di a Nazione Corsa (EFA member)
Proposed autonomous area: Corsica
Comte de Nice flag.svg County of Nice
Political party: Partit Nissart[20]
Flag of Normandy.svg Normandy
Political party: Le Mouvement Normand
Proposed region: Normandy (to merge the two regions of Lower Normandy and Upper Normandy opposed by Norman activists)[clarification needed].
Political party: Savoy Region Movement
Political party: Partit Occitan (EFA member), Iniciativa per Occitŕnia, Anaram au Patac, Hartčra

Georgia (country) Georgia

Breakaway states:
Flag of Abkhazia.svg


Ethnic group: Abkhaz
De facto state with partial de jure recognition: Republic of Abkhazia
Political organisation:Government of Abkhazia
Militant organization: Abkhazia Army

South Ossetia

Ethnic group: Ossetians
De facto state: with partial de jure recognition:Republic of South Ossetia
Political organisation: Government of South Ossetia
Militant organization: South Ossetia Army

Proposed autonomous movements:

Armenia Armenians in Samtskhe-Javakheti

Ethnic group: Armenians
Proposed autonomous area: Javakhk
Advocacy groups: Javakhk, United Javakhk Democratic Alliance, Virk[21][22]

Azerbaijan Borchali Azerbaijanis

Ethnic group: Azerbaijanis
Proposed autonomous area: Borchali

Germany Germany


Ethnic group: Bavarians
Proposed state: Bavaria
Political party: Bavaria Party

East Frisia

Ethnic group: Frisian
Proposed autonomous area: East Frisia
Political party: Die Friesen


Ethnic group: Franconians
Proposed autonomous region: Franconia


Ethnic group: Sorbs
Proposed autonomous region: Lusatian
Political party: Lusatian Alliance


Ethnic group: Danish, Frisian
Proposed autonomous region: South Schleswig
Political party: South Schleswig Voter Federation

Italy Italy


Status: autonomous region
Proposed state: Republic of Sardinia or Socialist Republic of Sardinia
Movement: Sardinian nationalism
Political parties: Sardinia Nation, Sardinian Action Party, Independence Republic of Sardinia, Rossomori , Sardinian Action Party , Sardinian Action Party, Project Republic of Sardinia, To the Left for Independence, Sardinian National Liberation Movement, Partidu Indipendentista Sardu - Malu Entu, Partito dei Sardi
Militant organisations: Fronte Nazionale de Liberazione de sa Sardigna (FNLS), Barbagia Rossa, Movimentu Nazionalista Sardu (MNS), Movimento Indipendentista Rivoluzionario (MIR) (all defunct)

South Tyrol

Status: autonomous province
Proposed state: Free State of South Tyrol or Austria
Movement: South Tyrolean secessionist movement
Political parties: Citizens' Union for South Tyrol, Die Freiheitlichen, South Tyrolean Freedom (EFA member)[24]
Militant organisations: South Tyrolean Liberation Committee (defunct)


Proposed state: Veneta Republic
Movement: Venetian nationalism
Political parties: Liga Veneta, North-East Project, Liga Veneta Repubblica, Veneto State, Venetian Independence, Venetian People's Unity, Party for Independent Veneto
Political organisations: Venetian Most Serene Government, Venetians Movement, Independentist Youth, Venetian National Liberation Movement

Kosovo Kosovo

See: International recognition of Kosovo

Serbia North Kosovo

Ethnic group: Serbian
Proposed states: Reunification with Serbia
De facto autonomous area Northern Kosovo
Political organisation: Assembly of the Community of Municipalities, Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija

Latvia Latvia

Latgale flag.JPG Latgale

Ethnic group: Latgalians, Russian
Proposed autonomous region: Latgale
Political party: Linderman’s party "Par dzimto valodu"


Ethnic group: Albanians in the Republic of Macedonia
Proposed State: Republic of Ilirida[25][26][27]


Breakaway state:


Ethnic group: Russian
De facto state: with partial de jure recognition Transnistria
Proposed state: Possible unification with Russian Federation
Political organisation: Government of Transnistria
Militant organization: Army of Transnistria

Proposed independent and autonomous movements:


Ethnic group: Gagauz
Proposed state: Gagauzia
Political organisation: Gagauzian People Assembly should Moldova decided to unite with Romania, Gagauzia would have the right to self- determination.


Ethnic group: Bulgarians
Proposed autonomous region: Taraclia

Netherlands Netherlands


Ethnic group: Frisian
Proposed autonomous region: Frisia
Political party: Frisian National Party, (EFA member)
Status: Democratic movement seeking greater autonomy for Frisian-speaking people in Friesland[29]

Norway Norway


Ethnic group: Sami
Proposed autonomous region: Sápmi[30][citation needed]


Ethnic group: Kven
Proposed autonomous area: Kvenland
Advocacy groups: Norwegian Kven Organization

Poland Poland

Upper Silesia

Ethnic group: Silesian
Proposed State: Germany
Political party: Silesian Autonomy Movement[14]


Ethnic group: Kashubians
Proposed autonomous area: Kashubia
An association of people: Kaszëbskô Jednota who want to actively participate in the life of the Kashubian nation and who recognize its right to cultural autonomy and self-identity within the multi-ethnic society.

Romania Romania
The geographical distribution of Hungarians in Romania

Székely Land, Transylvania, Banat, Partium

Ethnic group: Hungarians (Szeklers)
Proposed autonomous region: Székely Land: Székely autonomy initiatives
Proposed autonomous regions: Flag of Transylvania before 1918.svg Transylvania, Partium, Dobruja,[31][32][33] Banat
Political organisations: Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania, the demand for Hungarian autonomy has been part of their program since 1993.[34] Hungarian Civic Party (Romania), they signed a settlement with the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania about cooperation and joint support for Hungarian autonomy.[35] Hungarian People's Party of Transylvania (PPMT), the party proposes the establishments of Transylvanian parliament and government and supports the case of Szekler autonomy in Szekely Land.[36] It also advocates territorial autonomy for Partium.[37][38] Liga Transilvania-Banat, a regionalist party led by Sabin Gherman.[39]
Advocacy organizations:

Szekler National Council,[40] Hungarian National Council of Transylvania, Liga Pro Europa, a Romanian-Hungarian regionalist NGO.,[39] Provincia, a group of intellectuals promoting regionalization of Romania,[39] Autonomy for Transylvania (AFT) campaign, it demands autonomy for Transylvania.[41] Democratic League of Transylvania (Liga Transilvania Democrată), a regionalist NGO,[42] an active supporter of the "Autonomy for Transylvania" campaign,[43] League of Banat (Liga Banateana), a regionalist NGO.[44][45]
Russia Russia
Main article: Secession in Russia
See also: List of active separatist movements in Asia § Russia and Republics of Russia
Russia's North Caucasus
See also: Insurgency in the North Caucasus

Militant organisation: Chechen separatists; though recently Ramzan Kadyrov, the Russian-appointed leader of the Chechen Republic within Russia has also made statements seeming to support broad autonomy,[46] criticising Russian attempts to make a "North Caucasus" district[46] and inviting back separatist leader Akhmad Zakayev.[47]
Proposed state: Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (1991–99)
Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia
Political party: Majlis Shoura
Militant organization: Caucasian Front
Proposed state: Caucasian Emirate (claimed successor to Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus in 1917–19, North Caucasian Emirate in 1919–20 and Ichkeria)
Movement: Circassian nationalism; Circassian Congress; Circassian Youth Initiative; Adyge Djegi
Proposed state: Circassia, including all regions historically included in Circassia and/or inhabited by Circassians (note: this includes Adygea as well as north Kabardino-Balkaria, north Karachay–Cherkessia, south-east Krasnodar Krai, and south Stavropol Krai)
Karachay-Balkaria (Balkar and Karachay peoples)
Movement: Various nationalist organisations in Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay–Cherkessia
Goals: Firstmost, the establishment of autonomy for the Karachay and Balkaria, rather than in biethnic republics where they must share power with Russians and Circassians (division of Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay–Cherkessia into smaller units, also popular for Circassian nationalists). Then, the unification of Karachay and Balkar units is advocated by some but not all nationalists (see Balkar and Karachai nationalism)
Proposed state: Karachay-Balkar Republic (includes south Kabardino-Balkaria and south Karachey-Cherkessia)
Abazinia in central-north Karachay–Cherkessia
Proposed state: Abazin Pepublic (proclaimed but non-recognized in 1991 as autonomy)
Kumykia in north Dagestan
Movement: Tenglik (since 1989)
Proposed state: Kumyk Pepublic (proclaimed but non-recognized in 1991 as autonomy)

Russia's other European regions
See also: Separatist movements in Asian Russia

Tatarstan Tatarstan
Political party: All-Tatar Public Center
Movement: Tatar Youth Union "Azatlyk"
Proposed state: Tatarstan, Idel-Ural
Udmurtia Udmurtia
Movement: Congress of the Peoples of Udmurtia
Proposed state: Idel-Ural
Chuvashia Chuvashia
Movement: Chuvash Youth Union
Proposed state: Idel-Ural
Mari El Mari El
Proposed state: Idel-Ural
Mordovia Mordovia
Proposed state: Idel-Ural
Bashkortostan Bashkortostan
Movement: Bashkir social movement "Kuk bure"
Proposed state: Idel-Ural
Komi Republic Komi Republic
Proposed state: Komi Republic
Proposed state: East Karelia or reunification with North Karelia and South Karelia and the formation of united Karelia or Finland[citation needed]
Kalmykia Kalmykia[citation needed]
Proposed state: Kalmykia
Ingria Ingria
Proposed state: Ingria (comprises Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast)[citation needed]
Voronezh Oblast, southern districts
Movement: pan-Ukrainian irredentism
Rostov Oblast
Movement: Don Cossacks of Don Host Oblast autonomists
Proposed state: Don Republic (proclaimed in 1918 and in 1991 as part of Union of Cossack Republics in Southern Russia in Union of Sovereign States that never founded both)
Krasnodar Krai (Kuban)
Movement: Kuban Cossacks of Kuban Oblast autonomists
Proposed state: Kuban People's Republic (proclaimed in 1918), Kuban Republic (attempted to proclaim in 1991 as part of Union of Cossack Republics in Southern Russia in Union of Sovereign States that never founded both)
North Caucasus near Terek
Movement: Terek Cossacks of Terek Oblast autonomists
Proposed state: Upper Kuban Cossack Republic (proclaimed in 1991 as part of Union of Cossack Republics in Southern Russia in Union of Sovereign States that never founded both)
Proposed state: Prussia (comprises Kaliningrad Oblast and Various Areas In Northern Poland)
Political parties Baltic Republican Party[48]
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What i copy paste isn't really interesting, just a list.
Maybe to start the discussion, let's just bet about the next country who will be create.

Me i bet on Kurdistan.
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In Europe, Spain and Belgium have strong independant movement.
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People are happy in India
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Originally Posted by mattiew View Post
In Europe, Spain and Belgium have strong independant movement.
I would say in Spain it is stronger than in Belgium.

In any case what I find interesting is that it's about the language, if the language is not the same (of course variations are allowed) than people feel that they do not belong together..
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