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making a Chinese friend like me is the best way to learn Chinese.
Make phone call now
086-021-34140979 or you may send email to
a friend in need is a friend indeed
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For all those who are interested in learning chinese,,

Affordable online Chinese lessons.
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Default Chinese teacher

Hi, I'm Janie.

I'm a Chinese language teacher at Omeida Language College, Yangshuo, China.
Yangshuo is a famous foreign tourist destination. You can go to hiking, cyclyling and rock climbing etc. You'll be amazed at the scenery! There are an assortment of bars on West Street. If you want to study basic Chinese language, Yangshuo is an ideal place. Welcome to Yangshuo!
my E-mail address:
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Default Pinyin tones

My Chinese teacher told me that I need to work on my Pinyin tones, it's pretty difficult. I was looking through internet for some exercise for this purpose.

I have a Mac. It turns out that there are many cool and free learning Pinyin tools out there. This is the one you should check out if you are bad with Chinese tones like me:

Pinyin Table, Pinyin, pin yin, hanyu pinyin

They have Chinese Pinyin quiz. They will play a sound and ask you what tone it is... really neat.
P.S.There is also a Pinyin table, the site claims containing all Chinese Pinyin sound(is it possible?).
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Default my personal experience

Once I went to Turkey for a business trip, I was almost get killed in a restaurant. I told the waitress that I can't eat nuts, and guess what? The dish served contained nuts. My allergic reaction was so severe that my blood pressure quickly dropped and I couldn't breathe, I was rushed to hospital.... nightmare! "Life (almost) lost in Translation"!! (

Now when traveling abroad I always get myself more prepared. Last year, I went to Shanghai. I printed out a wallet size traveling Chinese aid (not really a guide, basically a piece of paper folded into a neat wallet size booklet). It contains all those emergency Chinese sentences such as "I am allergic to xxx", "Where is ....", it's very handy. This travelers Chinese language guide can be downloaded here:

Chinese Translation Guide (The translated Chinese-English guide book is found at the bottom of the home page)
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Default Good Self-study resource

I just started learning Chinese, the best way for me is collecting useful free learning material online, ‘coz going to class will take me too much time, and the tuition is too expensive for me too. Here is a few links I believe worth checking for self-study:
Learn Chinese|Learn Chinese Online|Learn Mandarin|Learn Pinyin|Chinese Learning - ChineseTime
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Originally Posted by start from pinyin View Post
Go to Learn Chinese-Start from pinyin and you can learn Chinese by yourself.
Are you Chinese?
HiWelcome ereyone.welcome to
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