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Default To arabic learners do you want speak arabic automatically and easily

«Š”Š«„ ŕŠŪŖ„ ś—Õ„… «ŠŠŚ ś»—Ŗ« Ś

Hi i am iman from egypt i am a girl.i am an arabic native speaker if any sister want any help i can help her in shaa alah in learning arabic.i am so interested in helping any sister who wants to learn arabic.
i searched the internet for the best ways to learn a second language and what i found is so interesting
now you can learn and have fun at the same time
no memorizing
no grammar
imagine you will not study boring grammar rules
because grammar kills your arabic speaking
you will learn like a child
does any child in the world learn grammar or memorize any thing to speak????he can talk fluently and easily even before he joins school
so how can this child do such a thing
before telling you how child can do this
i wanna ask you a question
who is the best language learner in the whole world???think think think
yeah child is the best.if you want to be the best in any field,follow the best
so you should follow children way of learning.

now you are asking how does child learn???
he learns by listening listening listening
so the most important thing is listening

if you want to speak any language fluently and automatically
follow these 7 rules(these rules are not mine,they are AJ's)
i found this new method of learning in AJ's effortless english)


***RULE 1: Always Study and Review Phrases, Not Individual Words
Never study a single, individual word. Never.
When you find a new word, always write down The Phrase it is in. Always. When you review, always review all of the phrase,.. not the word.
Collect phrases. Your speaking and grammar will improve 4-5 times faster. Never again study a single word. Never write a single word in your notebook, always write the complete phrase.
Learn Phrases Only.
RULE 2: Donít Study Grammar
Stop studying grammar.
Stop studying grammar.
Right now. Stop. Put away your grammar books and textbooks. Grammar rules teach you to think about Arabic, you want to speak automaticallyĖ without thinking!
So Rule 2 is: Donít Study Grammar!

**RULE 3 (The number one secret): The Most Important RuleĖ Listen First
Listening, listening, listening.
You must listen to UNDERSTANDABLE Arabic. You must listen to
Arabic EVERYDAY. Donít read textbooks. Listen to Arabic.
Its simple. That is the key to your Arabic success. Stop reading textbooks. Start listening everyday.
**Learn With Your Ears, Not Your Eyes
In most schools, you learn Arabic with your eyes. You read textbooks. You study grammar rules.
Spend most of your study time listening- that is the key to great speaking.

**RULE 4 (How to speak automatic Arabic): Slow, Deep Learning Is Best
The secret to speaking easily is to learn every word & phrase DEEPLY.
Its not enough to know a definition. Its not enough to remember for a test. You must put the word deep into your brain.
To speak Arabic easily, you must repeat each lesson many times.
You must learn Arabic deeply.
Learn deeply, speak easily.
Learn deeply, speak easily.
How do you learn deeply? EasyĖ just repeat all lessons or listening many times. For example, if you have an audio book, listen to the first chapter 30 times before you go to the second chapter. You could listen to the first chapter 3 times each day, for 10 days.
***RULE 5 (How to learn grammar): Use Point Of View Mini-Stories
I call these stories ďPoint Of View Mini-StoriesĒ. They are the most powerful way to learn and use Arabic grammar automatically.Use Point of View Stories for Automatic Grammar
Use Point of View Stories for Automatic GrammarYou must learn grammar by listening to real English. The best way is to listen to the same storyÖ told in different times (points of view): Past, , Present, Future.
How do you do this? Easy! Find a story or article in the present tense. Then ask your native speaker tutor to write it again in the Past, and in the Future. Finally, ask him to read and record these stories for you.
Then you can listen to story with many different kinds of grammar. You donít need to know the grammar rules. Just listen to the Point of View stories and you will improve grammar automatically!
You can also find Point of View lessons and use them to learn grammar automatically.
It is powerful. It is simple. It is successful. You will succeed. You will use correct grammar naturally and automatically.This is the secret to Arabic grammar.
**RULE 6 (Real English, not textbook Arabic ): Only Use Real Arabic Lessons & Materials
You learn real Arabic if you want to understand native speakers and speak easily. Use real magazines, audio articles, TV shows, radio talk shows, and audio books.Learn Real Arabic, Not Textbook Arabic
Learn Real Arabic, Not Textbook Arabic
**RULE 7 (How to speak fast): Listen and Answer, not Listen and Repeat
Use Listen & Answer Mini-Story Lessons
Use Listen & Answer Mini-Story LessonsIn each Mini-Story Lesson, a speaker tells a short simple story. He also asks a lot of easy questions. Every time you hear a question, you pause and answer it.You learn to answer questions quicklyĖ without thinking. Your Arabic becomes automatic.
How can you use Listen & Answer Stories? Easy! Find a native speaker tutor. Ask him to use this method: Ask him to tell a storyÖ and to constantly ask you easy questions about it. This will teach you to think quickly in Arab
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Hey Iman
I'm Gloria from lebanon. I wanted to say good luck .

I'm studying Language Teaching in universtiy..and I agree with you that teaching a new language the way children learn their native language is indeed very effective . And I'm intereted to see the result and proof of this here..inshalla
Good luck again

Keep your coins , I need 'change' :

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Default arabic learners

hi gloria how r u
i am so glad that u replied to my post
u said that u r from lebanon so u r an arabic native speaker
ur english seems to be good so tell us how is ur english
that good? telling us ur experience about learning english will
be so useful for second language learners and if any body here
wants to tell us his/her experience about learning a second language
go ahead and tell us it will be so useful specially for arabic learners
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