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Question Australia and Britain ?

Hi I´m Heidi from Germany and I need some information for my presentation about the relationship between the UK and Australia today.Do British feel any connection with the Australians, just because they speak the same language and have the same head of state?
...glad about every answer
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the culture in aus and uk are nearly same..both of the countries started playing cricket simultaneously and now also the match between aus and uk is interesting..

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Hi there! I'm from UK and I'm new to this forum.

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I expect I'm too late responding to this to be of any help. Australia is very culturally close to UK, most early settlers coming from there. There has always been immigration from other parts of the world, from gold rush days through resettling displaced people after both world wars, and more recently for other reasons. There are now areas in Australian cities where the population is largely from other countries, and English hardly heard spoken, but that is not a majority.

Some Australians look to U.K. as a guiding light, some to U.S., but although we are a relatively new and small nation we are quite independent. Australians had British nationality until U.K. joined the E.C. and no longer recognised Australians as British. The Queen of England remains our figurehead only, because Australians, mainly wanting to be a republic, could not agree on what type of republic.
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I think it's never late to respond because there are thousand of people who wants to know the answer anyway)
so thank you for your reply!
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I think, because the first population in Australian are Aborigen, Uk is instal in this country, for to bring a modern devellopment, he built this country, like that, but without to kwow what is the request about the aborigen.You know?I think is the beautiful place, and now, it's a country of many ethni...
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One similarity between Australian and Brits is that Australians follow the British style of spelling. For example, in Australia (like in Britain) we write colour (in the USA they spell it COLOR).
Other Australian/British spellings include favourite, oesophagus, centre etc.

I think Microsoft and other companies have been slowly changing the Australian language though. I think the default dictionary on most computers in Australia is American English!
Even now, I can see red lines under my spelling for the words above.
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