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Default Insight To London Some Of The Minor Details

For a person who has time to look around London and get to know the place better these facts are interesting. Most visitors to London just get to see the famous spots of London and hardly get to see the real London. London is so full of history that if you want to know London you have to spend some time there. Some lesser known details of London are listed for people who love to get the real feel of the city, wander around the place and see the real London.

If you are healthy and don’t mind climbing steps you should visit the Monument. It is a fantastic view from the top of the Monument. Take a deep breath when you reach the top and you will be really happy you made the effort and climbed. The view is breath taking to say the least. The whole of London is before you, it is kind of an aerial view only difference is that this is clearer. One of the best views in London, no doubt, is from the top of the Monument – it’s 202 feet high because it is 202 feet from the site of the baker’s house in Pudding Lane. It is a historical location too. This is where the Great Fire of London started in 1666. There are 311 stairs to climb but you do get a certificate to say you’ve done it! Salt the certificate because when you grow older no one will believe you when you say you have climbed to the top of the Monument.

The bright lights of Piccadilly Circus are famous through-out the world. So when in London take a night trip and enjoy the beautiful view.

Another interesting place to visit is the Statue of Eros. Look closely and you’ll see that Eros isn’t really a statue but a fountain on which a small figure rests, commemorating the philanthropic Earl of Shaftesbury. Some say that the figure is really a pun on Shaftesbury’s name as the bow doesn’t have an arrow in it and is pointing downwards as if the arrow (or shaft) has already been shot and is “buried” in the ground.

Nearby visit the Trafalgar Square, famous for Nelson's column. This place is the point from where London distances are measured. The actual point is on the corner of Strand and Charing Cross Road, near the statue of Charles 1. Take a look at the plaque on the wall confirming this.

And after looking around and you feel tired rest your legs and relax at a Restaurant London has so thoughtfully located for you. You could have a hot cup of exotic tea and watch the busy bees passing by. Enjoy the thought that you can relax.

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Smile hello,Hooper

it is kind of you to introduce the London in your view to us. i really hope that one day i will have the chance to go to London to see those scenery you memtioned before.
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thanx for all that info cause I'm visiting London not sure exactly where in London but I got family that lives there so I will asked them to take me around and see if I feel that way. Thanks though
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thank you very much for this information

i think it would be great to picture london sights through writing, may be you can describe one of its sights every time, the way that you can feel as if you are in london and see these things by your eyes.

sincerely wael elbaz, head of Translation department at ELC Group
you can visit the Group site and see the latest conference of Satellites....duties and rights
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Thumbs up We love London and the people!

I cannot beleive others have not tagged on to this great topic!?

The only experience I have of Great Britain is from the "Tele" shows we see here in the US on weekends. I have been watching these wonderful shows for years! I apologize if I stray from the subject but when I was younger we always listened to and bought numerous British music recordings. I have so many fav's I cannot name them all. I once had a boss that was from near London and I loved her accent. I imagine its like any other country some people may have a stronger accent then the other side of the country.

One of my old fav shows is The East Ender's. It has been on the air for years and the coincidence is that I am an East Ender from here in Texas! Ha ha!

Anyway I love your country to and must visit one day. I love history and architecture so you are on my list! Cheers from Texas!


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Very cool and educational note. Thank you very much!
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Yes, the artical is very intresting! Thank you
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