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Default Letter from En to No

I am here cause I need some help in translating a letter from English to Norwegian (bokmal). If I need your help, it is just to help my neighbor (who helped me before while I was moving to Oslo), cause her boyfriend is cheating on her. So I would like to send her this letter to avoid being involved directly in the discussion later.
PS: If there is some mistakes, just correct it cause english is not my natural language

Dear Johanna

If I am writing you this letter it is just because you're my neighbor and you're a really nice with everybody in the neighborhood. We are a couple of neighbors who know what is going on when you're not around, and we have decided to inform you, but I am the only one who has decided to act and this for many reasons

First I hope that you are doing well with your law studies. Secondly you are not going to like what you will read and neither believe it, but I will give you some details.

Three weeks ago or three week-ends ago, we were smoking in the backyard when we have seen your boyfriend coming back home with a girl. She was bonde and had glasses and her name is Marianne or Marion (not quite sure but it sounded like that). I think they meat in a cafe or bar because we could smell alcoohol. At the beginning we heard them taking and moving in the flat, but later we moved a little cause other persons joined us and it wasn't of their business. But what is sure is that she has spent the entire night (from 4:30 AM) till the second day when we crossed her leaving after one PM.

And again on Sunday after 6 PM she came back, she had a black jean or dark and black shoes and a blue coat (the same as the first night). And from what we have seen at the beginning it seemed that your boyfriend Mathiew is the one who was insisting to have sex with her, based on his behavior and acts when they walked in the flat. And they had sex. I am sure about it because my boyfriend and I heard them having sex and we have seen your boyfreind passing in front of the window (twice) and naked. And she left around 11 PM and we could see that she had sex because her hair was untidy while it wasn't when she arrived.

You might say that all of this is just an illusion or an invented story, but there is a way to convince you and to proove what I am saying, but your boyfriend shouldn't know about it or it will cause a fight. So I will get in touch with you soon.

Your neighbor

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The only Norwegian having made a few translations I have seen on this forum is Leeseh.
The international discussion forum - View Profile: Leeseh
As you can see on her profile page her last activity on this forum was in October 2012.

Being Swedish I know that most young Norwegians speak English and I'm sure your neighbor is no exception. Wasn't it English you used when she helped you earlier? So I suggest you send your letter in English to her, that is if you don't want to tell her to her face which I think is much better.

I'm sure she will understand your English even if there are some mistakes in it, for example "bonde" instead of "blonde".
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