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Default Herz auf der Haut Englisch

Heart on the skin.

A reaction to the latest news!!

An idea.

Heart on the skin.

If an human has got his heart on his skin,
what can or could happen!?

Not only the heat or the cold,
stroke or violence,
screaming or whispering,
leads to a reaction,
in which men and women,
small or tall,
determine feelings for his-/ herself or an other human.

If an human has got his heart on his skin,
there would be many other things important.

Beginning with the perception,
the 'so called' sense organs.
The self produced emotions from heart.

Is there something,
that can't be controlled by anybody?

It's the extensive information!

For example the simple share of informations with people, which are close to you.
These could be the parents, the wife or husband, the girlfriend or boyfriend.
All in all, the whole family.
But they can also be people from a community.
Owing to that, a big package of information arised.

But all the different informations will meet in an explosion.
Radio, print media, television, and not at least:
The internet!
This group of informations basically functions according to the principle:
The sooner the information gets public, the quicker there is capital.

But who still thinks about the people?
The people, which have to live with the informations,
the people, which can't do ANYTHING!
Can't do anything against the bad news:
Here an explosion, there an explosion,
warnings from one country to another.
Here a faction,
there an air piracy.
At this point of earth, a new nuclear test,
at another point, flags of nations get burned down.
Pictures of people, which let the faces of adults and children turn into fear.
Eating and drinking are developing to faster epidemics than AIDS,
first it's the rice, then the meat.
A woman or a man is reading out from a book or a slip of paper
and the people can take these informations, but they aren't able to handle them.
But the informations still go on.
The informations are important, for sure, but who is able to think about the future?

And the people ZENSOR from other people with higher positions,
that they're going to change something.
But who of them can just say:
'It's me, I CAN CHANGE IT!'
… who?

People, who get their hearts on their skins,
can only just stand it.

This was written by a man,
who just wants to say something,
without wishing to offend anyone,
without connecting these words to a religion or politic.

Of course, there are way more examples, which could be brought up,
but the man, who has written this text, is already afraid, to hurt someone with the listened points.

And I ask your indulgence, I'm also just an human,
and also a guest on the most wonderful planet, we know so far.


Written by Hans-Joachim-Schmidt.
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