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Arrow Translation of"LOVE"

Many member ask to tranlation of "LOVE" in sanskrit. There are many words for it having different meannings. I also confused which is where suitable. I found some "shlokas" and written below. They are steps or types of "LOVE".
प्रेमाभिलाषो रागश्च स्नेहः प्रेमरतिस्तथा।
श्रृङ्गारश्चेति संभोगः सप्तावस्थः प्रकीर्तितः॥ ( इति रसरत्नाकरे)
प्रेमा दिदृक्षा रम्येषु तच्चिन्ताभिलाषकः।
रागस्तत्सङ्गबुद्धिः स्यात् स्नेहः तत्प्रवणक्रिया॥
तद्वियोगासहं प्रेम रतिस्तत्सहवर्तनम्।
श्रृङ्गारस्तत्समं क्रीडा संभोगः सप्तधा क्रमः॥
will to see lover=प्रेमा
thinking about lover=अभिलाषः
want of live with him=रागः
inclination to him= स्नेहः
not to bear separation from him=प्रेम
accompany with him=रतिः
play with him=श्रृङ्गारः
ब्रह्म सत्यं जगन्मिथ्या

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