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Originally Posted by Serena_V View Post
What you wrote is very interesting, although I can't stop wondering why men put these questions and only men try to answer them... ( That's one of the mysteries of men that women try to resolve... yeah, it happens to them too )
Yes, the mysteries of men! In patriachal (man on top) cultures, men are trained to repress their emotions and live mainly in their heads. Of course, that doesn't really work too well. Men end up trying to *think* their way through life. They ask questions and focus finding a logical answer.

They often don't realize that logical answers are only a road map. A pointer or a compass heading. The rest of the journey is actually experiencing the step-by-step process. (Emotion is the best guide for the next step in your path.)

So men are trained to approach life intellectually and women are trained to approach life emotionally. No wonder there is so much mystery and misunderstanding.

Originally Posted by Serena_V View Post
To explain how all women think, even eternity wouldn't be enough. What is certain is that not the process of "hunting" is the most complex thing about women, but what comes afterwards
Marvelous stuff you wrote! The "what comes afterward" is the tough & unknown part.

Originally Posted by Serena_V View Post
But in most of the cases, from what I know, women are generally looking for someone who can provide then with stability, protection and guidance ( we all get lost in life sometimes )
That's exactly what I've noticed too. Men don't understand what they are really looking for. They just think they do.

But any man who has been "fully activated" by the right woman, will tell the same story: "Being with her showed me that there was something missing in my life ... something I never knew was missing."

When it works, it works very well. To navigate the sea of life, we need both a compass (reason) and a rudder (emotion). And nothing makes the journey better than good companionship where two function as a team.
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