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Originally Posted by JimiLe View Post

1). Men pose or display or fight to get the attention of women. A woman notices, and then she chooses -- unless force is involved, despite any appearances to the contrary, she's doing the choosing of who, when, how and where.
What you wrote is very interesting, although I can't stop wondering why men put these questions and only men try to answer them... ( That's one of the mysteries of men that women try to resolve... yeah, it happens to them too )

Well, I can tell you my point of view, as a woman that is . Women are all different from one another when it comes to men. There may be some things that are in common, but not everything. You are right, women choose "their pray", test the terrain to see if he's interested, if he's not, they make strategies of seduction and apply them and if the result is what they wanted, then they are happy! But this isn't always a story with happy end. To explain how one woman thinks would take me a lifetime. To explain how all women think, even eternity wouldn't be enough. What is certain is that not the process of "hunting" is the most complex thing about women, but what comes afterwards

Women have personal criteria for choosing a man. Some like sensible, caring, gentle men, while others like possessive, tough men who know what they want in life and how to get it. But in most of the cases, from what I know, women are generally looking for someone who can provide then with stability, protection and guidance ( we all get lost in life sometimes )
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