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wow, semi-long but interesting post and read.

I certainly agree by far with most of what you've posted. a lot of cultural information there.

My current thought on the matter is "what about the here and now?" I mean, sure there are many generalizations that can be made on women's and men's behaviors, thoughts, and desires, etc. but how can you get to the specifics? That is, a lot of rules of thumb have been made to explain why women act the way they do and what it is that they want (same with men), but obviously it's not too helpful to go out and interact with the sex of preference with such simplistic and general views.

I've learned that when I approach a girl that I shouldn't have any preconceptions as to what she wants in general, but what she wants right there and then. Everyone's different, after all, and even within individuals, what someone wants now may be different than what someone wants later. In that sense I've learned to very much value the ability to interpret body-language, because knowing what a girl wants there and then is way more important than knowing what women want in general.
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