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Good question! Maybe this will help you in your quest to understand men and discover women.

Women see men as: careless (why do they always forget our anniversary?), lazy( All they do is watch tv, drink beer and read the newspaper while we cook, wash, clean and take care of the children all day! They never help us!), rude ( Where have all the gentlemen that offered you their seat or opened the door for you gone?) and misogynists ( They always mistreat us and think they are better and smarter than us!).
Men see women as: crybabies ( Why do they cry so easily? What did I do wrong?), lazy ( They stay all day at home doing nothing while we work our hearts out at the office), conceited ( Who does she think she is to tell me I'm rude?) and feminists ( They act high and mighty but we're better and smarter than them!)
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